Rodrigues Island

    Rodrigues is one of the 3 islands of Mascareignes Islands. It is a department of Mauritus. Rodrigues is also a part of district of Mauritius. It is only 108 km2, with a population of about 42,000 people. Rodrigues Island is situated about 560 kilometers east of Mauritius. Its capital is Port Mathurin.


    The language spoken is French, English, and Rodriguan Creole.

    "The Climate"

    Rodrigues has 2 seasons . Summer and winter. Climate of Rodrigues are alike Mauritius climate.
    A dry winter season between April to October. Temperature around 15º C to 25º C, depending on the area.
    A warm humid summer season between November to April. Temperature varies between 25º C to 35º C.
    Warmest months are January and February. Coolest months are July and August.


    The currency used is Mauritian Rupee. Euro and USD can be used in certain tourist shops in Rodrigues.