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Private driver, representative agent on the island, and guides is offered. We do booking of the hotels, renting of apartments, private drivers, car rental and private tours.

Arriving at the airport you will be having a representative welcoming you with a bottle of water and flowers as welcoming gift. On the way to the hotel, the driver will give you some important information about the island. You will also be given the timetable of the tours (pick ups for excursions if you have book any), name of guides, and name of the representative responsible for your stay in Mauritius.

Arriving at the hotel, there will be a hotel staff receiving you, and to inform you about the services on the hotel premises; breakfast, lunch and diner time, and other services offered. Then you will be heading for check in.

During your stay you will get a travel agent who will be available for you 24/7 for any inquiry you may need. For any emergency needs, the representative will have contact with the office from Norway.

About the tours, you will have knowledge about the tours in the timetable given to you by the driver. The timetable includes name of guides, dates and time for pick up for sightseeing. If you would like any change in the dates for excursions for any particular reason, you can contact your representative in Mauritius directly to do the changes. A guide will be with you on the tours around the islands.

During the tours, the driver will stop at a place or restaurant prefered by the clients for lunch. The tours are usually between 6- 8 hours. Client is free to end up the tours anytime they want if they are tired, but cancelling of tours during the excursions will not be refundable or replaceable for another tour. Find your choices of tours in our "Sightseeing Section".

Departures: 24 hours before departure, you will be given a message from either the hotel reception or the representative for the departure pick up time. For pick up you will be having a driver and a guide to pick you up for departures and help you until check in into airport vicinity. During the drive to airport there will be no stop for shopping or eating; the clients should have their meal at the hotel before departure pick up.

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