A peaceful business trip

To Relax. To Think Better

Mascareignes Islands Travel and Tours organize business trips. Once you have confirmed your reservation for your business travel, along with all your wishes and demands, we will make sure that everything will be fulfilled.

Upon arrival, you will be properly welcomed by a representative from Mascareignes Islands and a driver who will drive you directly to the hotel. The driver will be appointed to you as your personal driver for the whole stay on the islands in case he is needed anytime.

At the hotel you will be received by a hotel staff who will hep you with your check-in, and give you further details about the hotel services.

During your stay on the islands, you will be appointed a representative from us, who will be available daily for you in case of assistance needed. He/she will follow up on your stay to find out if you are well established with the hotels, driver and services provided. In case you need anything, do not hesitate to contact your personal representative or the hotel reception for any help.